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Setup Sick Beard on Ubuntu 12.04 Server


Welcome back to Part 6 of the series “How-to setup a fully automated Media Portal“. Next up we will install Sick Beard – a great PVR for newsgroup Users. If you follow TVShows from overseas and can’t wait for the next Episode this tool might be for ya. It watches for new …

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Fun: Matrix Screensaver for Ubuntu


Maybe I am already a dinosaur but I think this never gets old. If you got somewhere in the corner a Linux Server running attached with a screen then why not eject some nostalgic Matrix style look into it? The tool is called cmatrix and has been around for some …

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Configure Ubuntu 12.04 VM in Parallels Desktop 8


A few month back I wrote a walk-trough for Installing Ubuntu 12.04 in Virtualbox and today I am posting a similar howto-guide on installing Ubuntu 12.04 in Parallels Desktop 8. It is not much different from the Virtualbox installation but as I am using Parallels Desktop as my default Virtual Center and …

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Installing Oracle on MacBook Air…


The Challange For testing purposes I needed to get a Oracle 11gR2 Database up and running but I was faced with a small challenge. I wanted it to run on my current Laptop. Not that hard you might think but I am working currently on a MacBook Air with only 2 GB RAM …

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