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Fun: Matrix Screensaver for Ubuntu


Maybe I am already a dinosaur but I think this never gets old. If you got somewhere in the corner a Linux Server running attached with a screen then why not eject some nostalgic Matrix style look into it? The tool is called cmatrix and has been around for some …

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Mac Tools: Syntax Highlighting in Terminal

Colorful VI I am sure most of you would know how to set up Syntax Highlighting but in case that would a question popping up after reading the previous post about the Visor plugin, here a couple of lines how to enable it. Open a new Terminal window and enter …

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Terminal plugin – Visor

Visor On of my most used Applications is actually Terminal but working on the go with my AirBook and have open many shells was rather messy than fun. Then I came across Antonin Hildebrand’s website and with a tiny plugin my desktop goes from “messy” to clean and tidy. He …

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