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Collaboration Platform Review: – collabtive

After a couple busy weeks I got around to spend some more time testing the collaboration Platforms. I am going to write in the next post more about Redmin, only so far said that I found 2 way’s how to install the Package nearly as easy as the feature of …

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Collaboration Platform Review: – Redmin

I started the test without any particular order and picked the first Solution Redmin. My Environment: I will install the software on OS X – 10.6.6 with a pre-installed Web server Solution called (XAMPP) via Apachefriends. The package has the below modules installed. This is important to know if any …

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Open-Source Collaboration & Project-Management Platforms

One of the biggest problems working on any type of Project is the organisation of the information you gather, timelines you require and of course the solutions you find to overcome problems such as software bug’s. I decided before I start my next project, to find myself a suitable online-based …

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