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pfSense Release 2.1 introduced Gold Service for 99$ /year


pfSense is a free, open source customised distribution of FreeBSD tailored for use as a firewall and router. The company behind this decided to make a couple of changes and re-incorportate themselves with a new name. With that pfSense introduces a paid premium Gold Service for 99USD / year.

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Admin Tip: Share a single Keyboard and Mouse across multiple PC’s with different OS


If you got multiple Computer with different Operation Systems you most likely got a messy Desk with 2-3 Sets of Keyboard and Mice’s. Let me ask you something, honestly how many times have you picked the wrong Mice or even Keyboard when switching from one Computer to another? Countless times right? Well let …

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Security: Open Source Mobile Tracker – Prey


The reason I hacked up this post is a story I got to know about a couple of days ago where a friend of mine told me how he left his Laptop in the Plane and his worst Nightmare started because of the importance of the date he had on it. He was on …

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Predator Motion tracking


I spottet this the other day and thought this is a must Post. Zdenek Kalai a Ph.D student at the University of Surrey, Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing developed an AI camera system that learns to differentiate between objects. How cool is that? I am sure most of …

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Collaboration Platform Review: – collabtive

After a couple busy weeks I got around to spend some more time testing the collaboration Platforms. I am going to write in the next post more about Redmin, only so far said that I found 2 way’s how to install the Package nearly as easy as the feature of …

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Ubertooth: Open Source Bluetooth Package Sniffer

The other day I was watching some Interviews from this years Hacker Convention Shmoocon and I came across the porject Ubertooth. A project by Michael Ossmann via Great Scott Gadgets a wireless communications security researcher who has been obsessed with Bluetooth for the past years developed an Open Source Bluetooth Packet sniffer. …

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Kod – Cool Programming EDI for OS-X

R.I.P – Kod.app was a pretty cool Editor for Mac and I love using it. The project seems no longer alive. Kod – is a pretty cool programming editor for OS X. For all the hardcore users writing their code in Text Editors such as TextWrangler this is a breath. …

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Collaboration Platform Review: – Redmin

I started the test without any particular order and picked the first Solution Redmin. My Environment: I will install the software on OS X – 10.6.6 with a pre-installed Web server Solution called (XAMPP) via Apachefriends. The package has the below modules installed. This is important to know if any …

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