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Slidenjoy – a mobile multiscreen for your laptop

slidenjoy, multiscreen, mobile, pc, mac, labtop

E njoy more productivity with more monitors at your disposal. Play games, surf Facebook and still share your music videos with you loved ones. Are you working on a new project, improving your website or viewing multiple YouTube channels? Slidenjoy brings you the world’s first multi-monitor display that enables you …

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OS X Nibble: Change default location for screen-shots


OS X Hints: Screenshots: can be easy taken in OS X by pressing Shortcut Key’s on your keyboard. However all of those screenshots will be saved on your Desktop. I am sure you have been asking this question yourself already and I keep on forgetting how useful this little tip can …

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Perian QuickTime plug-in updated: The Swiss Army knife for Mac’s

Perian just announced an update of its QuickTime plug-in for Mac’s. Perian is a plug-in allowing QuickTime to play a ton of different video codec’s. Among those – DIVX, AVI, FLV, MKV, GVI and VFW, just to name a few of the supported codec’s. The latest update (1.2.2) adds compatibility …

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Sync your iTunes Library between 2 or more PC’s


The other day a friend called me around his house to look at a problem he faced with syncronizing his iTunes Library across 2 Computer. He recently purchased a new ASUS Laptop and wanted to transfer his iTunes Library over from his old Sony Vaio. When I looked at it …

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Kod – Cool Programming EDI for OS-X

R.I.P – Kod.app was a pretty cool Editor for Mac and I love using it. The project seems no longer alive. Kod – is a pretty cool programming editor for OS X. For all the hardcore users writing their code in Text Editors such as TextWrangler this is a breath. …

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