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Howto: Install Ubuntu Server edition 12.04.3 LTS

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This Post covers the Installation for Ubuntu Server edition 12.04.3 LTS. Ubuntu Server has many great tools build in you can use to setup your own Media Portal, Samba Server, Web-Server etc. In this Post I will install the 32 bit Version of 12.04.3.

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gizmojunkee on Facebook


Don’t ask how long it took but finally got around to setup the social Media Circle. I created a Facebook page quite a while ago but just never got the time to fix it up. I added the obligatory Facebook Like plugin  so you can of course all like my Facebook page on …

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Installing Oracle 11gR2 on Ubuntu 12.04


This howto should guide you though the installation of an Oracle Database 11g Release 2 on Ubuntu 12.04. Ubuntu is not officially supported by Oracle so there will be a few tweaks to achieve a working solution. I hope this might help you if you aim for a similar task. …

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Ubuntu 12.04 LTE Server on Virtualbox 4.1


After having installed Ubuntu 12.04 several times for my failed Challange I decided to try a different way and for that we are going to install first Ubuntu 12.04 Server Edition in Virtualbox. Lets get started.

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