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What is Usenet?


USENET, stands for Users network and is one of the oldest networks served by the Internet. Despite the BitTorrent explosion of the past few years there have always been file-sharers who believe that if you want secure access to content at the fastest speeds, Usenet is the place to obtain it. There are …

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Setup CouchPotato on Ubuntu 12.04 Server


Welcome back to Part 4.5 of the series “How-to setup a fully automated Media Portal“. We just Installed and configured Transmission and now we going to setup CouchPotato. Couchpotato is an automatic NZB and torrent downloader, just fill in what you want to see and CouchPotato will add it to your want to watch-list. Every …

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Setup Transmission on Ubuntu 12.04 Server


Welcome back to Part 4 of the series “How-to setup a fully automated Media Portal“. Next up we will Install a torrent client (Transmission) and the Media Library CouchPotato. After the Installation you will be able to manage your Movies via the Web-Interface of CouchPotato and also automatically schedule downloads through CouchPotato. …

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Make usage of your old Hardware


Ok so you have an old PC lying around and you still look for a purpose of it. How about a fully automated Media Server? By that I was thinking along the lines of a Server that automatically downloads your favourite Movies, TVShows or even Music and Games. I will …

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