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CES 2016: Segway miniPro


The biggest electronics show we have seen this year is the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. It has proven to be a wonderful event, from the new devices to the improved devices, the CES 2016 has never failed our expectations. We closely follow the event, and we are happy to let …

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Is Virtual Reality The Next Big Thing?


Virtual Reality is increasingly gaining popularity, many tech companies have in one way or the other started joining the band wagon of Virtual Reality and it isn’t surprising to see gadgets like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and many others. Although the Virtual Reality idea was borne many years back, …

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Mobile Payment Systems in Africa


A frica boasts of some of the fastest developing economies of the world, and just as the economy is experiencing a real growth, systems of doing business and paying for services have also continued to improve. Mobile payment is also known as mobile money or mobile money transfer, and it …

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