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Mobile Payment Systems in Africa


A frica boasts of some of the fastest developing economies of the world, and just as the economy is experiencing a real growth, systems of doing business and paying for services have also continued to improve. Mobile payment is also known as mobile money or mobile money transfer, and it …

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The Best WordPress Plugins to Be Safe


If you don’t have your own WordPress site or blog yet, there is a chance that you are here because you want to start one and you most likely want to know how to keep your WordPress safe. WordPress in one blogging and site creation platform that gives its users …

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Apple iPhone 7 Rumors

iphone7, rumors, apple

T he tech world can be one of the most exciting industries to follow, from the time the rumors start milling out to the time the companies start releasing teasers to prove the rumors true, to the time the device is revealed and to the time its launched, the chain …

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Setup UT2004 Server on Ubuntu 14.04

UT2K4 Webmanager

It has been a few years that I last played Unreal Tournament 2004 and when my old gaming Buddies suggested we should get together for some fragging on the Maps I was very excited. So I checked my old backups and found all those Maps and files from previous Server installs …

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Springpad is shutting down their Services


I received this morning an email from Springpad informing me that their Services will shutdown indefinite on the 25.06.2014. and I should be migrating all my stored data into Evernote or storing them locally. I remember SpringPad since beta but I have not used it as much as Evernote. Interesting …

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TrueCrypt encryption Software shutdown


A couple days ago on the 28th May the well known encryption Software TrueCrypt shut it’s doors. The Website now point’s to their sourceforge page with information pointing towards a security issue. Furthermore the page explains the following:

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Adding MSQL Connector to Oracle SQL Developer 4.0


I started on some Database development and decided to give the new Version of Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 a try. The first challenge I came across and had to spend more than 5 minutes to complete was adding a working MSQL connector. I did a bit of google action and …

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Happy New Year!

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

I wish you and your Family all the best for 2014 Seize the Day and never give up on your Dreams! yours gizmojunkee

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