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pebble Introduces iOS 7 Notifications and their SDK 2.0


Yesterday November 6th Pebble announced the upcoming SDK 2.0 and moreover the introduction to iOS 7 Notifications. When I saw the Pebble back then on Kickstarter I had to have one. I backed them of course and still am happy with my Pebble. So I look forward when the new …

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Howto: Create your own QR Code


After spending most of my weekend getting the blog moved to the new provider I didn’t feel like writing some complex long winding post so let me start this new hosting area with something easy. I am sure you have seen them many times and maybe even wondered how they are …

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Code Snipping with Evernote


Over the years I have gathered hundreds of scripts that I have used and still do to overcome IT issues and in general to make my life easier. Now in the past few years many Companies have raised their Security concerns and adapted to tighten up the accessability to external media devices for …

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