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Setup UT2004 Server on Ubuntu 14.04

UT2K4 Webmanager

It has been a few years that I last played Unreal Tournament¬†2004 and when my old gaming Buddies suggested we should get together for some fragging on the Maps I was very excited. So I checked my old backups and found all those Maps and files from previous Server installs …

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Synology DSAM 5.x – NFS-Mount issues

DSAM 5.0

I updated yesterday my Synology DS212J to the latest Firmware without giving it too much attention and after around 30min of upgrading and updating I got the bill for it. Believe in a Product but always read the the small-print. All NFS-Mounts stopped working with DSAM 5.x So I went …

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Adding MSQL Connector to Oracle SQL Developer 4.0


I started on some Database development and decided to give the new Version of Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 a try. The first challenge I came across and had to spend more than 5 minutes to complete was adding a working MSQL connector. I did a bit of google action and …

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Install UT2004 on OS-X (Lion / Mavericks)


Originally developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes Unreal Tournament 2004 a futuristic multiplay FPS game and still to this day great fun even though it is quite old for todays gaming standards but still pretty damn awesome. A couple weeks back a buddy of mine suggested we should get …

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Installing virtual Webserver on Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander)


I wanted to have my WordPress Blog running on a local Webserver so I can test upgrades before I do it on the live system. Follow this guide to setup a small Webserver in a Virtual Machine to easy host your websites. I am going to use Ubuntu 1310 (64bit …

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Synology DiskStation Update available (Version 4.3-3776)


Synology added a new Critical update of their DiskStation Manager. The current Version is 4.3-3776 Update 3. This Update fixes a few security issues, enhances compatibility with iOS7 Calendar, optimise CPU usage when using multiple HTTP connection. See below the full list of fixes…

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Synology NAS (DSM4.3) reset MySQL password


If you enabled the phpMyadmin plugin on your Synology NAS and like me didn’t wrote down the password you might be in for a good old lockout. No worries because Synology makes it pretty easy to reset your MySQL password. Simply follow the below steps.

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Adding NFS mount from your NAS to Ubuntu Server


You bought a Network attached Storage (NAS) and now you want to connect to it from OS-X or your Linux Client via NFS instead of a SMB share. Well its not that difficult so lets dig into it and get you setup. For my tutorial I will be using a …

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