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Setup SABznbd on Ubuntu 12.04 Server


Welcome back to Part 5 of the series “How-to setup a fully automated Media Portal“. Next up we will install the NZB Client (sabnzdb). After the Installation you will have a second download client next to transmission which will search and download files from Usenet only. SABnzbd is a free and open source newsgrabber …

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Howto: Create your own QR Code


After spending most of my weekend getting the blog moved to the new provider I didn’t feel like writing some complex long winding post so let me start this new hosting area with something easy. I am sure you have seen them many times and maybe even wondered how they are …

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Code Snipping with Evernote


Over the years I have gathered hundreds of scripts that I have used and still do to overcome IT issues and in general to make my life easier. Now in the past few years many Companies have raised their Security concerns and adapted to tighten up the accessability to external media devices for …

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How-to: use build in Screen Recording in OS X


If you are looking for an easy way to create a screen-Recording to remember  a Task or Installation you did or even a to create a how-to Guide for someone then in most cases a quick Video is the way to go. Most people would go and spend some time on the Net to …

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iPhone: Browse and pledge Kickstarter Projects direct from your iPhone


The crowd funding platform Kickstarter finally goes Mobile. They just launched an iPhone/iPod Touch version in the App-Store. Sorry, no Android App in sight yet but I am sure they working on it. Personally I was waiting for this App for some time as it enables you to surf for new potential projects to …

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Koubachi: Wifi Plant Sensor plus virtual plant care Assistant

I like having plenty of plants in my House as they give a Sen and earthy touch to my rather tech-tronic gadget filled walls I call home. The only problem is the time and knowledge required to take care of them. This is where a Switzerland based startup Company comes to play …

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Uncovered: Growl-like iTunes notification in your Dock


If you are like me and have a dozent windows open at any given time you look for ways how to display information and notification without constantly switching the screens or zapping through Applications. That why we all love Growl so much. Someone at Apple Inc. decided to add a pretty sweet …

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OS X Lion uses new Netatalk version 2.2 causing NAS drives to be incompatible

When I tried to access my NAS drive (Synology DS411 slim) I noticed I could no longer connect to it. I received the following Error Message: After a quick check I discovered that Synology released already a new DiskStation Manager 3.2 Beta which would fix my problem according to their release notes: New …

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