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Electronic engineer, technology enthusiast, and Blogger. Loves hacking anything and everything new tech related with the aim to understand how it works.

Updating our Blog


You have sure noticed that we have updated our blog with a new theme. I hope you like it. We are still making a few changes so apologise for some unexpected¬†downtime or small issues that might occure in the following 1-2 weeks. Our plan is to add new content on …

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10 USD DigitalOcean Discount


Offer for a 10 USD DigitalOcean Discount if you Sign-Up for a new Account.

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Synology DSAM 5.x – NFS-Mount issues

DSAM 5.0

I updated yesterday my Synology DS212J to the latest Firmware without giving it too much attention and after around 30min of upgrading and updating I got the bill for it. Believe in a Product but always read the the small-print. All NFS-Mounts stopped working with DSAM 5.x So I went …

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Springpad is shutting down their Services


I received this morning an email from Springpad informing me that their Services will shutdown indefinite on the 25.06.2014. and I should be migrating all my stored data into Evernote or storing them locally. I remember SpringPad since beta but I have not used it as much as Evernote. Interesting …

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TrueCrypt encryption Software shutdown


A couple days ago on the 28th May the well known encryption Software TrueCrypt shut it’s doors. The Website now point’s to their sourceforge page with information pointing towards a security issue. Furthermore the page explains the following:

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Adding MSQL Connector to Oracle SQL Developer 4.0


I started on some Database development and decided to give the new Version of Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 a try. The first challenge I came across and had to spend more than 5 minutes to complete was adding a working MSQL connector. I did a bit of google action and …

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Happy New Year!

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

I wish you and your Family all the best for 2014 Seize the Day and never give up on your Dreams! yours gizmojunkee

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Fraudster Alert! Always make sure you are on the Website you want to be!!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.39.32

If you are using the Trading Platform Cryptsy.com and by chance type it incorrectly you could end up on a identical copy of the website that just want your Login details to rob you. ¬†(http://cryrptsy.com) This Website is a FRAUD!!! Check the Spelling of the Website Name ( “R” in …

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