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About Us

why gizmojunkee?

I remember I had a hard time finding a cool name for the base idea of this site, bouncing some
names back and forth to a buddy of mine who either rolled his eyes or cramped himself for laughter
on the floor. I was a sucker for domain’s so it was to no surprise that at one point I owned like 100+
of them and not one of them was right.

One evening I was sitting at my desk and finishing some work when my Cat jumped on the table
he was pretty small then (just 6 month old) and loved it to jump on my keyboard probably to get
my attention, after a while he let himself fall directly on the keyboard and pretendet to sleep there.
Btw, his name is gizmo. So I played around with the name gizmo and at some point ended up
with gizmojunkee.

and who are you again?

I started computing quite young at a friends house, his family owned a “portable” computer.
It was an IBM Portable Computer Model 5155, that was running PC-DOS 2.1 on the big
floppy disks. I am sure not many these day’s have had one of them in their hands?








Mostly we played on it some old DOS Games that much I do remember. A year or so later I got my
own Computer, my first one. It was a PC AT-80286 Turbo with 3.5″and a 5.25″Floppy drive and
wait, read this very slowly… 512KB RAM.

And the awesome part, I still got that bugger. It was dusting at my Parents house for years until I
picked it up and unbelievable when I switched it on after 25+ years expecting max a hint of smoke
this giant of a Computer beeped and bootet into DOS 3.2.

I will cover a Post about that awesome piece of techy-history in the future for sure.

Well from there on I started to hack around with DOS and OS/2 and I remember the good old gaming
times in 8-16 pixel. I wrote my first program  in Turbo Pascal and I think I still got that somewhere.
Have to have a look. I was very interested in computing and electronics and spend quite some time
playing around with old computer parts and programs in my spare time.

I was lucky that I always did what I loved most, till today I work in IT. After so many years I seen my
fair share of the good and the bad and with this blog I want to share some of it.

Fell free to drop me a line with questions and thougts for the content you like to see or a special topic
for a “how to” Guide and I will take that into consideration.

— stay tuned


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