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Spirit Rover —Have Fun Roving Your Way to Learning Rasberry Pi and Arduino

Spirit Rover—Have Fun Roving Your Way to Learning Rasberry Pi and Arduino

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The world is fast moving towards the age of Artificial Intelligence. And integral to the success of this quest is teaching and learning of courses/concepts based on robotics and programming. Plumgeek has created a multi-purpose robot, the Spirit Rover, which is designed to teach the basic concepts in robotics and programming whilst the user has fun learning these concepts.

The Spirit Rover utilizes the ingredients necessary for learning robotics and associated coding languages that form the basis for many of the processes witnessed every day. The Spirit Rover offers a perfect starting point for students and enthusiasts looking for an engaging robotic platform. So, whether the user is new to programming or already involved in serious academics, the Spirit Rover offers the following:

Spirit Rover—Have Fun Roving Your Way to Learning Rasberry Pi and Arduino

What You Stand To Learn

  • Teach and expand one’s Python coding knowledge
  • Teach and expand one’s C/C++ Arduino skills
  • Teach computer vision
  • Teach and expand one’s Linux skills
  • Design autonomous Rover missions

The Spirit Rover robotic learning platform allows new users and experts to program and code in a number of languages. So, one can write codes using Python, C/C++, Raspberry Pi, or C/C++ using the free and open-source Arduino environment. The Spirit Rover robotic kit features three computer learning boards. The types and specific functions of the boards include:

Types and Functions

  1. The Rasberry Pi, B+, 2B or 3B board: A Raspberry Pi computer will handle most of the processing requests that are initiated. Though it is optional, it is a powerful computer capable of doing many things at one time. The Pi is similar to the one inside a tablet or small laptop.
  2. Arduino board: An Arduino compatible processor works alone or together with the Pi board. This is the same processor as found on the popular Arduino UNO board. Its duty is to take care of more complex coding instructions.
  3. Microchip Computer Board: A Microchip PIC processor handles the low-level processing on the robot. It carries out tasks like sending pulse signals to the servos, reading light sensors, and managing the power system. It comes pre-loaded with written code. While it’s not advised to change the code instructions on the Microchip, the board is open and can be customized.

The Spirit Rover is easily adaptable and can be configured in a number of ways. So, depending on the expertise and the thrust of learning, the Spirit Rover can be re-assembled to serve different applications. The unique configurations for the Spirit Rover include Standard, the Rover without the Pan/tilt head, the Rover without the gripper, the Rover without the wings and the Rover bearing a custom top plate.

You can support the campaign on Kickstarter to enjoy this.

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