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Sound Is the World’s Most Comfortable Smart Headphones

Sound Is the World’s Most Comfortable Smart Headphones

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The sounds around us and the way we interpret them play a crucial role in our well-being and daily activities. In this regard, a company called Human Inc. has undertaken to reshape and redefine the future of how you hear, share, and connect with your world with the product called Sound—the World’s most comfortable smart headphones.

Sound is a headphone inspired by the shape and topography of the human ear. It is also a headphone that attaches and sits comfortably and securely as you move through the daily motions.  Sound also allows you hear and connect with others and your surroundings in entirely new and profound ways. The Sound device carries out its functions via six patented modes, which harmoniously synchronize the interaction between the ear, the software application, the device and the immediate surroundings. The modes include:

  1. Social

This mode uses a “one-touch sharing” feature that allows multiple listeners to share and enjoy audio in real-time. The days of sharing links to songs or videos are gone. Specifically, the Social feature searches for other audio listeners using the same device and the user can send, accept or reject requests from other users.

  1. Fade

Fade uses ambient noise control system to keep out activity in the external environment or increase its volume. So with Fade, the user can have a chat with a colleague while listening to his/her own playlist or be aware of traffic while jogging and listening to music.

  1. Amplify

Amplify activates the loudspeaker mode of Sound when both ear pieces are brought together, to achieve sounds that fill a party or gathering. Sound achieves this feat with two high decibel drivers and the reverb chamber.

  1. Speak

Users of Sound have access to conversational language translation by utilizing Sound’s live-time language translations system. Sound currently supports up to 8 different languages.

Sound Is the World’s Most Comfortable Smart Headphones

  1. Active

Sound can detect and monitor core bodily functionality and can give an analysis of the health status of the user. Users can receive accurate stats, in live-time, on physical activity and health, via the impulses emitted from the ears.

  1. Sleep

Sound helps the user rest smartly by utilizing noise-isolating rhythms obtained from the user’s sleep patterns. The user can also be awoken gently with music from a selected playlist.

Sound is powered by a combination of Capacitive touch controls, a battery that lasts for upwards of 12 hours when fully charged by a wireless induction charging pad and  revolutionary ear buds that merge functionality and comfort; ear buds that stay attached and  seamlessly match whatever routine or movement the user undergoes. Sound has received rave reviews from industry watchers and enthusiasts:

“Revolutionizing what we know about wireless headphones, Human’s new earphones are nothing like any Bluetooth headphones on the market.” – HIGH SNOBIETY

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