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iBand+: EEG Headband That Gives You Sound Sleep And Beautiful Dreams!

iBand+: EEG Headband That Gives You Sound Sleep And Beautiful Dreams!

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Sleeping is one of the most important activities that the human body must experience in order to remain healthy and active. Sleeping, as an essential activity, regulates and rejuvenates bodily systems and functions. So a good night’s sleep gives rise to a better-prepared and healthier individual.

Sleeping disorders are becoming a disturbing trend, as it impacts on the individual and the society. A group of experts have come together, to develop a device that gives a better sleeping experience and carries out other important health checks, thereby impacting positively on the health and happiness of the individual.

iBand+ is an EEG headband that gives the user sweet sleep and happy dreams. While sleep is important for the rejuvenation of the body, dreams fine-tune the mind. iBand+ is a revolutionary smart device that utilizes Bluetooth technology to accurately decipher the body’s brain wave patterns with laboratory level accuracy.

iBand+: EEG Headband That Gives You Sound Sleep And Beautiful Dreams!

Special sensors embedded in iBand+ measures other important bodily functions such as body temperature, body movement, and heart rate. iBand + is set-up to receive, track and analyze information from one’s body and brain while the individual sleeps. The device achieves this feat through the use of an algorithm-based auto learning software. iBand+ adjusts audio-visual signals reaching the brain in order to help the user:

  • Have Lucid dreams
  • Fall asleep easily
  • Wake up naturally and refreshed.

As a smart device, it utilizes information gathered from previous sleep cycles to recommend audio-visual techniques that suit the individual. The user has the option of choosing from his/her own music and audiobook library. iBand+ offers you so many wonderful opportunities, and some are:

  1. Experiencing lucid dreams

Dreams help rejuvenate the mind and serves as boosts to mental health and wellbeing. iBand+ helps the user become conscious of the dream process.

  1. Improving sleep

iBand+ utilizes soothing music from the onset of sleep to improve sleep quality and sleep duration, thus leading to greater satisfaction.  In addition, it tracks your sleep cycle, body movement, heart rate, and body temperature, and intelligently adjusts the music and the volume as you fall asleep.

  1. Gaining insight into sleep patterns

iBand+ tracks the sleep cycle by monitoring brain waves and sleep quality. This information is processed and analyzed, thereby providing useful feedback for improvement.

  1. Accurate EEG readings

EEG technology is used extensively in the medical field. iBand+ can read and record activity in the brain through its dry electrodes. This activity is an important signpost of the state and health of the individual.

The application works on all Smartphones, and the user can monitor sleep patterns, heart rate, and sleep quality using the mobile app. The hardware components of iBand+ includes a headband made from soft, high-quality breathable fabric for optimum comfort, 4 LED lighting to enhance the audio-visual effects as well as 2 high fidelity compact and slim speakers for superior sound.

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