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Glance Clock, the Smart Clock That Shows You What You Need Just When You Need

Glance Clock, the Smart Clock That Shows You What You Need Just When You Need

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Life would be so much fun and much easier when we get things done without being the pilot that always has to drive accomplishments; naturally, we have felt, at one point or the other that things should fall into place without having to expend our energy vigorously.

Well, Glance Clock may be that thing we need to offload some of the overly heavy activities we just have to take part in. With the Glance Clock, we get to see all the notifications, alerts, messages and fitness tracking results without having to unlock our devices or leave what we may be doing.

Glance Clock will surely replace that old clock on the wall because it does much more than tell you time, it delivers thoughtful notifications that will help you organize your activities and enjoy your everyday life. Glance Clock has been designed to synchronize information gotten from your smart home, smart devices, phone, and other wearables and it delivers just what you need—the most valuable notifications.

You can seamlessly connect your calendar to Glance Clock, seamlessly integrating the sleek device into your schedule and making it your smart partner. Do you have a call? Want to know if it will rain? Or do you just want to keep track of your favorite programs and know what song is currently playing? You get all these at a glance.

Glance was made with a combination of many natural materials and that’s why the clock has that cozy quality that makes it always radiate with unusual brilliance. The clock also sports a smooth back that is well-framed with cold aluminum, giving it that sleek edge and soft touch.  The bright full-color LEDs that have been fixed behind the clock gives it that smart sparkle whenever there is a notification. The LEDs have been programmed to stay off, but as soon as you get a notification, the LEDs make the clock have beautiful and crisp graphics.

Glance Clock, the Smart Clock That Shows You What You Need Just When You Need

Glance Clock comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts as long as 6 months on a single charge. According to the makers, the battery lifespan depends on the rate at which the clock is being used and the number of notifications that have been set up.

The Glance Clock doesn’t tick, so it’s taking a step away from that traditional clock that you may have gotten used to. The clock comes implemented with a precise clock movement.

To make it very easy to integrate with your daily life, Glance Clock comes with its own mobile app that works well on Android and iOS, so customers will be able to derive the full benefits of using it.

You can support the Indiegogo campaign

Are you interested in this clock? You can support the company’s crowdfunding campaign, and enjoy access to one of these sleek clocks as soon as they hit the market.

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