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BIG-i—the Personalized Robot for More Family Fun

BIG-i—the Personalized Robot for More Family Fun

Robotics and its applications are being widely used in nearly all spheres of human endeavor. From medicine to manufacturing and to construction, robotics is rapidly changing the way and means by which people and machines co-habit.

Now, the average family can experience first-hand, the many practical uses of robotics, with the introduction of BIG-i, the first personalized family robot.

BIG-i introduces itself with the following words: “Hello, I’m BIG-i, your personal robot companion. I can see, hear, walk and respond to your voice commands and I’m here to help you.”

BIG-i is a naturally –interactive robot that can move around the home and it comes equipped with 3D vision, voice programming, and active follow-through perception. BIG-i is designed to obey all voice and inputted commands of each and every family member and it can improve its overall ability and range of intelligence as it continually follows through on every instruction.

This family robot is developed to handle everyday tasks and chores that are tedious so that all family members can get on with enjoying both individual and collective times. The BIG-i can also function as the security guard of the family if the need arises.

BIG-i—the Personalized Robot for More Family Fun

BIG-i can be programmed to obey a wide range of instructions, which can be given in the following formats:

“Hey BIG-i, if my sister comes home, please tell her that I hid a present in the garden!”

“Hey BIG-i, if I raise a glass for a toast during dinner, please play my favorite song.”

“Hey BIG-i, if I am leaving home and it is cold outside, please remind me to put on a scarf.”

“Hey BIG-i, if I leave the house, please order the cleaning robot to clean my room.”

“Hey BIG-i, if dad sits up late working in front of the computer, please order the coffee machine to make him a coffee.”

“Hey BIG-i, if you see me snap my fingers, please turn on the lights.”

“Hey BIG-i, if you hear a strange noise, please check what’s happening.”

“Hey BIG-i, I want to hear the story of The Little Mermaid!”

“Hey BIG-i, let’s play hide and seek, come to find me when I count to three!”

BIG-i comes with other impressive collection of abilities like face recognition, and video calling; so each and everyone in the family can bond together.

BIG-i is enjoying critical reviews with the following endorsements from leading industry experts and enthusiasts:

Mashable: “BIG-i is a robot that can do a lot of things, and unlike a lot of consumer robots on the market, this little guy is a lot more functional than fun.”

Forbes: “BIG-i functions more like how you would expect R2D2 to be – relating to you and connected to you.”

Support the campaign on Kickstarter for a chance to receive one of these awesome robots.

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