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Immersit – Bring Entertainment 2.0 into your Home

We would be going back to a tech discovery that was revealed at the CES 2016 and it equally has a campaign on Kickstarter (one we love). We felt the need to bring it to you as it is a very cool tech discovery, and no doubt, it has a place in our lives. Why does it have much potential? Well, have you really wondered what it’s like to be acting a movie scene? Or do you wonder how it feels to be in that speeding car and how it feels to be in that auto crash? That’s just what Immersit is all about.

The company has enjoyed its Kickstarter campaign, did I say “has enjoyed”? Yes, the company set an €85,000 target, but over188 people have pledged €19, 355 with 26 days to go, did I hear you say cool? I myself wouldn’t mind supporting this project if that would allow me get this device.

Immersit has been described as a motion generating device that turns your couch into one which will enable you physically feel all what is taking place on your screen. This device is placed under the couch; you sit and feel what everyone in the movie feels. Is it the shots of the gun, the slicing swords, the crashes or the running? Immersit really immerses you into the world of the movie.

Movies are not the only uses of Immersit. This fully functional device is compatible with PCs, X-Boxes, and Playstation 3 and 4. This device comes with sophisticated motion hardware and software that have been preset, making it easy to setup and use. The device uses different signal combinations and it automatically recognizes the status of the game and the specific movement that is being created. Immersit comes with its own app, so you would be able to customize your experience and even preset specific motions for specific actions.

The greatest feeling you get is to know that this device doesn’t actually request you to change your furniture. After seeing seats at the CES 2016, many tech enthusiasts with me were like, “is this a furniture show?” well no, it isn’t, but this device makes your furniture experience more enjoyable.

Immersit has a component called, the “Muscles”  which are 4 different pads that work together to provide you with a combination of over 1000 movements and vibrations, the “Brain” is also controlled by pads that are connected to it in order to control its movements while the “Heart” gives energy to the entire body. The “Heart” is very small, so it can be placed at the back of the couch or on the side of the couch, giving you that sensational and enjoyable time you crave.

This device turns, tilts, vibrates and shakes when in use, and to protect the users, the company made the Immersit with sensors that are programmed to automatically stop the device when something crawls under the furniture. The device comes in three different variants, according to what the company said, ‘it wants to test to know which will be more durable and which should be significantly improved’.


The device is now in the advanced stage of production, so we could be seeing the launch and shipment begin very soon. The company hinted that it would continue its test by using different sizes of seats and different human weights to test the durability of this tech discovery.

We just have to be patient with them, and if you wish to get this gadget as soon as it’s released, you may decide to support the Kickstarter campaign anytime. But when it comes to in the market we all can still get one, so no rush. Let us talk about other tech discoveries.

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