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Ad-free Blog – Tipping with micro-payments

I have decided that I will start a trial removing all Ad’s from the website for a period of 3 month. Instead I have added three other ways how You as the reader can contribute and help me continue my work providing good content. I hope that my readers can appriciate the time required to write a good how-to guide as well as our freelance writers who will post general tech-news and product reviews for the readers. I have added the following WP plugin’s on the website.

  1. ChangeTip
  2. Satoshipay
  3. Paypal Button

What is ChangeTip?

ChangeTip is a bitcoin tipping bot for the Internet. The same way you give a tipp to your barrister at your favourite coffee shop you can leave gizmojunkee a tiny tipp if you like a post, review, or how-to guide where we spend hours of researching, testing and writing it. Super simple and it does not need to be much. You can send micro-payments much less than $1. Help us to continue providing you with content by sending us a tiny donation.

Dear gizmojunkee your how-to on setting up a media-center was awesome here is $1 for a beer on me!

If you already know about bitcoin it is super simple to use ChangeTip. Check out the below Video to give you an overview of ChangeTip.


And what is SatoshiPay?

Similar to ChangeTip SatoshiPay is a micro-payment service utilising the crypto-currency bitcoin. You can make payments of 1000 times below $10, so called nano-payments. The main difference to ChangeTip is that I can lock a entire post and you can only read it after you have donated the set price for the post. Why would I do that? Well as an average I spend 2-3 hours working on a how-to guide, maybe even longer. I have to test it out, setup the system, make sure all is working before I create screen-shots or small video’s and write a guide for the reader that he can follow through. Sometimes I even install it on multiple OS-Systems and show how you can install / configure the product on your favourite operation system. I even answer questions if you send me one. So I think it is pretty fair to ask for a tiny donation. In general I will set a donation for a how-to guide at a min of $1 USD and I do think that is more than fair. In the end, no one forces you to read my blog.


And why also a Paypal Button?

So the above mention plug-ins are both bitcoin related and if you either have no interest in bitcoin or you just don’t want to use them we will also accept micro-payments via paypal. Many users have a paypal account to easy purchase something on the internet using your Credit-Card in the backed system.

Same applies here, only send us a donation of what you feel the content is worth to you. We are happy about every penny you contribute and hope we can continue to provide content for many years to come.

Ideas and Feedback

So you don’t like any of the above ideas of micro-payments or even have a better idea? Please do send me a message I appreciate your feedback.

Please enter your contact details and your feedback message below and I will try to answer your query as soon as possible.


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