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The Best WordPress Plugins to Be Safe


If you don’t have your own WordPress site or blog yet, there is a chance that you are here because you want to start one and you most likely want to know how to keep your WordPress safe. WordPress in one blogging and site creation platform that gives its users some of the best services, and these services have all been designed to make your experiences enjoyable. Talking of safety, your WordPress site needs it more than anything, your WordPress site needs much more than the Social Media plug-ins and the SEO plug-ins; it also needs a safety plug-in. Let’s see three of the best safety plug-ins you should have.




If you are looking for a very important and safe plug-in for your WordPress, I am very sure this is one you can’t do without. A slow web page is something 90 percent of your visitors don’t want to see, slow load times will drastically reduce the amount of time people spend on your web page. One of the fastest ways to drop in Google rankings is to have reduced traffic, and when you drop in Google rankings, your website’s potential suffers a hit that will take time to heal.

With a quality caching plug-in, you will be able to prevent most of the downtime caused by slow loading times and your website will be able to hold the attention of visitors. Caching plug-ins are safe, and in most cases, they cost nothing more than a few dollars. To help you make decisions on some of the best caching plug-in, I will show you a list of some caching plug-ins you can try on your WordPress site.

  • WP Super Cache

This is a very fast caching plug-in that produces static HTML files. It’s easy to install, it supports content delivery networks and it’s even free. So if your server isn’t very powerful or if you are seeing some unexpected traffic, this is the right bet.

  • W3 Total Cache

Boasting of over 900,000 downloads; the W3 Total Cache is a plug-in that reduces your load time by making use of file minification and GZIP compression. This plug-in also allows you export your settings and it also supports content delivery networks. Although the basic membership is free, users can unlock many other features by subscribing to the premium membership.

  • WP Rocket

This is another safe plug-in for your WordPress site. Even though it costs between $39 and $139, the WP Rocket plug-in will do the job. This plug-in practically increases the site loading speed and it also uses cache preloading and GZIP compression to deliver quality speed.

These are some of the safest cache plug-ins we have around, and you can always try any of them and see how they help boost your site traffic and reduce bounce rate.


If you think your WordPress site is under the attack of malware or you think it’s necessary to protect it against viruses, a safe plug-in to add to your website is a security or antivirus plug-in. One plug-in that have been tested and trusted for its ability to remove all malwares, malicious viruses and suspicious codes is the ‘WordPress Site Protection’. It does a deep scan of all files on your website, gives online security reports, update antivirus databases and many others. With its features and its precision, this plug-in is one of the safest plug-ins for your website security. So in addition to cache, a security plug-in is something you just need to get.


Just as the name implies, it’s a plug-in that protects your website. Many do not know the deference between a Firewall plug-in and a security plug-in; a Firewall does much more protection, and in fact, it provides more in-depth security for your website. This plug-in doesn’t just remove malware, it also protects your website from hackers, unsafe servers and unsafe browsers. No doubt, this is one of the most important plug-ins you should get for your website. I think I can share one or two of the best Firewall plug-ins with you, let’s see the two I love most.

  • Simple Security Firewall

This is a very powerful plug-in that has been designed to offer extensive protection to your WordPress website. It is easy to install for all, including beginners and more advanced users. It offers a very simple interface and it gives you the total security that keeps your website safe.


  • NinjaFirewall

It comes in the format of a web application but it can be installed like every other plug-in. It is a Firewall plug-in that sits in front of WordPress. The site administrator will benefit from powerful and advanced security features that’s can’t be found on the WordPress level. This Firewall can easily scan and reject any HTTP/HTTPS request that is sent to a PHP script before it reaches WordPress or any of its plug-ins.

These are just some safe plug-ins you should get for your WordPress site. They are safe, and they are also important to the health and life of your online space.


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