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Slidenjoy – a mobile multiscreen for your laptop

E njoy more productivity with more monitors at your disposal. Play games, surf Facebook and still share your music videos with you loved ones. Are you working on a new project, improving your website or viewing multiple YouTube channels? Slidenjoy brings you the world’s first multi-monitor display that enables you view different contents or share contents on three monitors. These add-on screens can be customized and personalized to your desired setting and they can always offer a good user experience.

Slidenjoy is a startup that made use of Kickstarter to fund the production of the new device. The company has run one of the most successful crowd funding campaigns in a long time after it got much more that the $300,000 it planned using to start the production. The company has now released an alternative to jumping from one program to another and even closing and minimizing some windows in other to view others.

A true mobile multiscreen

Slidenjoy’s technology will be bringing a multi-monitor efficiency to your laptops. The sleek device uses a USB port to connect three other screens to your computer system, thereby making it possible for you to host a mini conference while still attending to your needs. In addition to the ability to view more windows with this device, those who are sitting opposite or beside you will not have to stretch in order to see what’s being shown on the monitor.


slidenjoy, multiscreen, mobile, pc, mac, labtopTo use this device, you just have to hook it to the back of the laptop and then connect the USB cord to the port; immediately after connecting the cord to the USB port, you will then slide out the screen, and then you will see two extra screens in addition to the one you presently use. Whether you slide it in or out, you can be confident that you will be enjoying every bit of your experience.

The frame of this device isn’t the costliest of the device, neither are the adhesive components. The main parts of this device are the displays that it features. The displays come attached to the main frame and the frame has been built in a way that it will house the screen when not in use. The frame also helps stabilize the positioning of the screen, making it possible to seamless turn the screen to the desired angle without hurting the screen cables.


slidenjoy, multiscreen, mobile, pc, mac, labtopTo also protect the screen, the frame has been built with enough cushioning, as this will protect the screen from the vibrations caused by falls and crashes. This device comes in three variants of 13, 15 and 17 inches, and its screen has a resolution of 1080 pixels. The device also sports an additional USB of either 2.0 or 3.0 depending on the PC.

Slidenjoy has priced the single slide out at $220, while customers who want the three slides should be ready to shell out $330. All the features added to this device amounts to a weight of 30grams, making it pretty light for a device of its caliber. Customers will also be able to choose from a list of different colors, and the company has stated that all new colors will be announced as soon as they are ready.

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