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Apple iPhone 7 Rumors

T he tech world can be one of the most exciting industries to follow, from the time the rumors start milling out to the time the companies start releasing teasers to prove the rumors true, to the time the device is revealed and to the time its launched, the chain always manages to stay intact, it never suffers a break. The iPhone 7 is becoming the most rumored device in the past two months, and it is now common to hear tech lovers say, “The iPhone 6S is here, what we really want is the iPhone 7”.

Coming as the tiniest iPhone yet, the iPhone 7 may not come with its 3.5mm headphone jack, and it will likely sport a bezeless display. Rumors also have it that the iPhone 7 could also feature a Touch ID on the screen and it will also come with a wireless charging feature.

Apple may also decide to fix the Fingerprint Scanner on the iPhone 7 as many new Smartphones already have this feature. The Fingerprint Scanner is a technology that has been very useful to the security of both the user and the device, and if Apple could speed it up to 0.2 or 0.1 unlocking speed, the iPhone 7 would be a mind-blowing Smartphone.

The iPhone 7 has been tipped to have a wider display and a significant boost in its screen resolution. Although many customers like the iPhones’ 5.5 and 4.7-inch screens, many still think Apple would be releasing a display that’s about 6-inch wide. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a curved display and rumors have it that the iPhone 7 would be coming with something similar, if not better.

On the video front, it has been said that Apple will be releasing an iPhone 7 with a Full-HD resolution while the iPhone 7 Plus could be sporting a QHD resolution. With many Smartphones already having the QHD, Apple has been tipped to beat the competition and be among the phone makers who have graduated to the QHD level.

Apple has been releasing its devices in different variants, ranging from 16GB to 128GB. Many who have bought the 16GB variant of the iPhone have complained about the minimal storage capacity, prompting rumors that Apple will be setting its minimum ROM capacity to 32GB, and this will make it possible for those in the lower and middle class enjoy the iPhone 7 without having ROM issues. Some rumors have also indicated that Apple could retain its 16GB variant on the iPhone 7 but may decide to release a device with a memory expansion slot, thus bringing the desired memory upgrade.

If there is something I have really loved about each of the iPhones I have used, it’s the sleek cameras that accompany each release. The iPhone 6S gave us the first upgrade in four years by coming with a 12MP camera, but Apple could be upgrading to 15MP or 16MP on the iPhone 7. In addition to the expected improvement in its camera, Apple is rumored to add a Live Photo feature which would make the iPhone 7 one of the most impressive phones around.

The iPhone 7 could also come with an eye scanning technology that will make it possible to unlock your Smartphones with a glance. The iPhone 7 has also been rumored to come with front speakers because we are now tired of phone makers putting speakers on the base of devices, we want to enjoy every bit of our devices without having to turn the phone in funny positions.

An unbreakable screen may be in the airways, Motorola has it on its Moto X Force and it has been rumored to be coming on the iPhone 7; but all these will only need time, then we shall know what Apple has in store for us.



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