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Setup UT2004 Server on Ubuntu 14.04

It has been a few years that I last played Unreal Tournament 2004 and when my old gaming Buddies suggested we should get together for some fragging on the Maps I was very excited. So I checked my old backups and found all those Maps and files from previous Server installs but I did not wanted to play around with it and sit there a day or so to get this awesome ancient game up and running. Instead I found a fantastic install script written by a gaming enthusiast that works like a charm.

Setup your favourite Server

you can do it on an old Computer or Laptop you have lying around or install it in a Virtual Machine. I did a little overkill as I had a few HP DL380 Server in the office and hacked it up for some fragging fun.

UT2K4 runs on many different Linux flavours so take your pick from the Install page, I choose to installed it using a clean Ubuntu Server 14.04 version.

I am not going to re-write the awesome Install Guide already written by Daniel Gibbs but rather pointing you to it. He has written many different installers for different games you should check out. He is running a Github Repo with all those installers and frequently updates them. Awesome Work Daniel!

Supported Linux Distros:

Server Features:

  • Game Management Web Interface
  • Server Monitoring
  • Game Server Query Plugin
  • Email Notification
  • debug Mode
  • console Mode
  • Backup (allows you to backup the entire server)
  • Map Compression

and more. Daniel did a great job here to setup these Automated game-server Installer Scripts. For the detailed Guide please visit Daniel’s Website:

Unreal Tournament 2004 Game Server Install Guide




Happy Fragging!!


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