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DSAM 5.0

Synology DSAM 5.x – NFS-Mount issues

I updated yesterday my Synology DS212J to the latest Firmware without giving it too much attention and after around 30min of upgrading and updating I got the bill for it. Believe in a Product but always read the the small-print. All NFS-Mounts stopped working with DSAM 5.x

So I went to google for a bit and found many posts with the same issue infact the Synology forum is full of post’s without any clear guide or answer to the issue.  Wannabe-techies suggest all sort of  moves to fix it and none of them I saw even suggested to make a backup before starting all those ninja actions. Once more it shows how blogged up all those forum are with their self-proclaimed IT-special-force ninja. This is how I fixed the issue on my NAS:

So without boring you much her is what fixed the issue for me. I am running a Linux 12.04 Server as my Client that mounts to the NAS. You can see previous post about my setup. If you SSH into your Synology NAS you can check out the log-files in /var/log. Mine was showing the following:



On my Client I was getting the following Error: (same log-file)



Checking the Synology Settings I added one extra line to the NFS Settings that did the trick.

Go to Control-Panel –> Shared Folder and choose the Folder you want to share. Hit Edit and click on the NFS Permissions tab. You should see only 1 line there, the one you have previously created to share it via NFS like the 1st one below (highlighted).

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 16.22.26










Create a second rule with the below settings. Looks the same as the first but with the Squash rule – Map root to admin

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 16.23.18













Press OK, Save it and your NFS Mount should be working now again. To re-establish the mount on your Linux Box just type the following command:

sudo mount -a -vvv

this will mount what is setup in /etc/fstab

or manually you can test it with this command:

sudo mount -t nfs YourIP:/volume1/SHARE /mnt/SHARE


This was testet on Ubuntu 12.04

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