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Sick Beard extension for Google Chrome

If you have followed my how-to Guide “Setup Sick Beard on Ubuntu 12.04 Server” and you like the tool then you might like this tiny extension for your Chrome Browser. The extension is called SickBeardConnect is open-source and was developed by Dennis Lutter aka #Lad1337. If you use Google Chrome and download the extension you will find a tiny Sick Beard Icon on the Top Bar and it looks like below:















Quick Setup

First you need to download the Chrome extension. Either go the the extension Page and search for the plugin (SickBeardConnect) or just use the direct link below. Just add it to your Chrome Browser and you will find the small Sick Beard Icon in the usual place.

extension downloads: Google Chrome extensions
direct – download:        SickBeardConnect

After downloading you have to connect it to your Sick Beard Installation. Open the settings on the plugin and enter the Following details:

  • Profilename: choose as you like, if you have multiple installations its a good way to differ
  • SickBeard URL: add here the URL to your SickBeard installation incl. port number
  • SickBeard ApiKey: add here the ApiKey from Sick Beard. You can find that in Sick Beard under Config – General – API. If you are not using it yet, enable the function, generate a new Key and Save it. Copy the ApiKey to the Chrome plugin.











Looks and Feel

Under Looks and Feel you can change how big the Menu will appear in your Browser plus some other tweaks such as showing Banners or Poster under the Coming EP Menu.











Final Note

This is a great plugin to keep track on the status of your favourite TVShows.  It is only available for the Google Chrome Browser but a fantastic extension to your Media Portal.




























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  1. I like this one. I admit I originally downloaded it because I thought it sounded cool, but I use it a lot. For anyone wondering, it works on any chrome based browser (I use the torch browser and have had no problem).