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Setup SABznbd on Ubuntu 12.04 Server

Welcome back to Part 5 of the series “How-to setup a fully automated Media Portal“. Next up we will install the NZB Client (sabnzdb). After the Installation you will have a second download client next to transmission which will search and download files from Usenet only. SABnzbd is a free and open source newsgrabber that makes Usenet as simple and streamlined as possible by automating almost all tasks. SABnzbd is a must have companion for apps such as CouchPotato and Sick Beard. Enough bragging lets get to it and install SABnzbd on Ubuntu.








Step 0: Get a Usenet Provider

Before you proceed, you will need a good Usenet service. Downloading HD content definitely requires a good even unlimited Usenet account. I recommend unlimited plans with SSL and high retention. Check my previous Post for a little guidance.


Step 1: add some dependencies

To ensure we always got the latest version we will add the software repository. Use the following command to do so:


As usual after adding the PPA repository, update your package list using the update command:


Step 2: Install the Software

The Install of SABnzbd is pretty straight forward use the following command:



Step 3: some basic tweaking

With the below command open the config file in /etc/default/sabnzbdplus and Add the below infos. This will allow SABnzdb to start automatically.



Add these values to the file:



Lets do a Reboot of your Server at this point – execute: sudo reboot now

After the reboot you will find the following directory in your home-path ~/.sabnzbd lets open the containing .ini file:



search for the value “HOST” (use CTRL+W to search with nano) and change its value from (HOST = localhost) to HOST = and save it. Now restart SABnzdb with the command:




Step 4: Start & Stopping SABnzbd

like with CP you can use the service daemon to restart sabnzdb. For convenience feel free to add a alias in your .profle.




Step 5: Login to the Web-Gui

Time to login to the Web-Gui and continue with the gui-driven Wizard. If you did not change the port point your browser to your server at hostname/ip-address:8080 On the first page choose the supported language and press the button Start Wizard


On the next screen we have to setup our USENET Provider. If you haven’t picked one yet check out my earlier Post again and have a look for a free one so you can try it out. Enter the details as shown below for Host I choose my favourite news provider giganews. Port – best would be SSL if the provider support it then Enter your ID/PASWD and the allowed number of connections. When done press the button Next


On this page setup your login details for SABnzdb and if you want enable HTTPS access (recommended). When done press the button Next


Ok this part is done. You can now click the below link and your browser will open SABnzdb.



Step 6: The SABnzbd Interface

After you logged into  SABnzbd you will be greeted with the below screen. Nearly there – lets now configure SABnzdb so it will work with CouchPotato that we installed earlier.


Press on the Config button on top of the screen to enter the configuration-menu. The screen will look like below. Click on General on the left-hand side menu:


Press on the Config button on top of the screen to enter the configuration-menu. The screen will look like below. Click on General on the left-hand side menu: There should be nothing to change here however you will need the API – Key for Couchpotato. That will give CP the ability to control SABnzdb. That is required so CP can add movies to the download queue of SABnzdb and start the post-processing when the download is completed.


Open CouchPotato and go to Settings / Downloaders and add a new Downloader (Sabnzbd) from the bottom. Copy your API – Key into the field (highlighted below) and add a Category for CouchPotato – Movies. When done go back to SABnzdb.


Under the Folders Section add the correct Folders we created for Transmission. See below example:

I will skip some Sections, you can check them out later they should all be quite self-explaining. Under section Categories we have to add something though. This can be confusing if you do it the first time. On top you see the default settings, where Priority = Normal, Processing = +Delete and the rest is empty. Leave it as is. Go to the next empty box under Category and write movies, Priority=Default, Processing=+Delete and under Folder/Path enter the full path to /home/<username>/downloads/completed/movies, Group Index=movies.


Next we jump to section Sorting. This is also a great feature. Just a Reminder to go back here after we installed SickBeard in our next Part. As you can see below with the sorting feature you can configure the renaming process. How you want for example your TVShows or movies to be shown.

And thats it for now, Save you Changes and have fun with it. You should now be able to download Movies with either transmission or Usenet (by default Usenet is chosen first).


Step 7: Mobile Apps

There is a bunch of Mobile Apps out there to connect to your SABnzdb and remotely monitor/control it. Check them out if you like it.



This post is for informational purpose only. gizmojunkee.com and its authors in no way supports or encourage illegal download of copyrighted material.


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