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Make usage of your old Hardware

Ok so you have an old PC lying around and you still look for a purpose of it. How about a fully automated Media Server? By that I was thinking along the lines of a Server that automatically downloads your favourite Movies, TVShows or even Music and Games. I will start a series of Post as there is much to cover and a single Post will be to much. I have got an old Tower laying around that is just perfect for it. As that is still a 32bit System I am going to use Ubuntu Server 12.04 as basic OS and we will install the following software Packages over the cause of the following posts.

  • Webmin for all Linux starters, that way you still have a GUI
  • Transmission as a lightweight torrent client
  • CouchPotato to manage your Movie Library
  • SABnzdb to download Media via Usenet
  • SickBeard to manage all your TVShows
  • Headphone to Manage your Music (new)
  • of course automate downloading and post processing
  • setting up your MediaCenter such as XBMC, Plex etc…

In the end we will have a fully automated Media System that will take care without much attention of all your favourite Media. After that you only need to stream your content to your TV and enjoy it. I will cover Media Center at the end. So stay tuned for the first episode…

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