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Howto: Create your own QR Code

After spending most of my weekend getting the blog moved to the new provider I didn’t feel like writing
some complex long winding post so let me start this new hosting area with something easy.

I am sure you have seen them many times and maybe even wondered how they are made. I am talking
about QR Codes or Quick Response Code as they are called. It is the trademark for a type of matrix
barcode or (tow-dimensional bar code) designed for the Japanese car Industry.

So lets have some QR-Code fun – shall we?

First let’s download the Free Scan App:

For iPhone/iPad Users: from the App-Store.
For Android Users: from Google-Play.
For Windows Phones: from the Windows-Store.

Now you got the Scan – App from Scan.me then lets try it shall we? Go and scan the below QR – Code
and see what you get.







Cool hu? – It is actually pretty simple to make you own QR-Code with some custom function behind it such
as opening a website. Go to the same website scan.me and follow a couple simple steps under there
QR Code generator tab.

1. Choose the Website Tab as below and enter your desired website.


















2. Fill out the Form with the details you want to show (Header, Footer) set the color of your liking and press Submit


3. Voila you are done and can download it now in different formats.



It is pretty cool and more over it is for free. So thumps up for that awesomeness.


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