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How-to: use build in Screen Recording in OS X

If you are looking for an easy way to create a screen-Recording to remember  a Task or Installation you did or
even a to create a how-to Guide for someone then in most cases a quick Video is the way to go. Most people
would go and spend some time on the Net to find the right tool and potentially end up spending money for it.
So you didn’t know then that QuickTime can do that too?

Screen Recoding with QuickTime Player Tool

It is pretty simple, just open QuickTime on your Mac and you will see it appear in the Menu bar on top like
show below:


Now click on File and a sub-menu open’s with several functions to choose from. You can see from the top
that you can actually create:

  • Movie Recordings (via your build in Camera)
  • Audio Recordings (via your build in Mic or the Line in port)
  • Screen Recordings (incl. sound from the internal mic or line-in)

As we want to create a screen-recording just choose it.










You will see a small black box appear with minimalistic functions. That is all you need to start record a screen-movie.





There is a small triangle on the right hand side, behind there you find the menu of the Screen-Recorder.
It has a couple of functions you can enable/disable such as the microphone and choosing the video quality.






I would suggest you just try it out and select it to your preference rather than me telling you know the size
differences between High and Medium quality.

To start Recording just press the round button in the middle, a information pop’s up asking you to either
click to start or to select a window that you want to record.



Now either you click and it will start recording your entire screen or if you just want to record something
within a program window hold the mouse button and drag a square around it and press start recording
when you are ready.




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