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Code Snipping with Evernote

Over the years I have gathered hundreds of scripts that I have used and still do to overcome IT issues and in
general to make my life easier.

Now in the past few years many Companies have raised their Security concerns and adapted to tighten up
the accessability to external media devices for the employees. All jolly good and makes totally sense of course.

However if you do work in Middleware and Integration you often face task’s where you wish you had that
script available that you remember you wrote a year or so ago for another client…

I mainly use 2 methods to gain access to my scripts where ever I am and those I like to share today with you.

Tiddly Wiki + Dropbox

TiddlyWiki a reusable no-liniar personal web-notebook written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript that runs in
any modern web-browser. If you don’t like the initial design you can easy change it to your liking with a litte
html and css hacking or google a little for a theme to your liking, there are plenty out there – thats what I did.

You simply save that page in a Folder into your dropbox and voila all done. Now you have the TiddlyWiki in
your dropbox that means all other devices of your that got access to the dropbox can access this page as well.

I mostly use it on the iPad Mini as the screen-size is pretty ok for reading. So you get an idea I made an
example page with 4 different TiddlyWiki theme’s I found somewhere on the net.

Tiddly Wiki on iPhone


Default Theme












Mocha Theme














Bleach Theme














Orange Theme













So if you like the Wiki Style than this is a good solution even working reasonable well on Mobile
devices. Of course if you are a html/CSS crack you make your own mobile Wiki version in no time.

Thing is I have no time for that …

Evernote + Evercode or Evernote-Cliper

Evernote is is an awesome web-cliper and Notebook for all sorts of information. I use it on a daily
basis and have to call it my No. 1 App. Now I clip so many webpages or articles with it that I use later
for research of a new blog or just to read it later. Evernote comes on all mobile devices like all iOS
devices as well as Android Smart Phones.

The one part that I do miss however is code-clipping. I wanted to have my Code stored into Evernote
as well. And of course not just plain simple in text-mode no no, I want of course syntax-highlighting to
work and support for at least the major coding languages. – To much to ask hu?

Well Evernote does not support it currently but I am sure it will hatch in on of the future releases as
a standard feature. I believe in you Guys over at Evernote !!!

But there are other ways to get what you want. Here are the 2 Solutions that I am using.



is a code snippet management tool build on top of Evernote. It provides basic code editing and mainly
syntax highlighting. Check out the Demo video below:

You can get it in the Apple App-Store for 5 USD.


* supports syntax highlighting for several languages


* don’t show the line-numbers of the code
* it cost 5 USD
* font not as clear







evernote-cliper it is a web-based service. Just paste in your code select the language
from the top right corner and send it to your Evernote Account… done. Very simple and it looks fantastic.
Even though it does not support syntax-highlighting for many languages yet it has 3 major advantages.




* it show line-numbers (that can be very helpful for a lot of code)
* the font is nicer and better visible
* it is for free


It does not support alot of languages, for example SQL is missing and thats pretty damn common. However
i believe they are still updating it.


Evernote on your Mobile

totally different experience than the TiddlyWiki. The User Interface is very well designed and it looks pretty
clean. Check out a Screenshot from my iPhone below.





















As I said I am using both the TiddlyWiki and Evernote but for all my Code-Clipping I am using Evernote +
Evernote-Cliper. So if you where looking for something like this, maybe it helps.

01. March 2013 Add-On

It seams that the website-service (evernote-cliper.com) has expired and fallen back into the general
advertising of the hositng ISP. Hence that why you find some odd advertising instead of the expected tool.
I don’t know if the owner will do something about it but for now it seam the Service is unavailable.



Stay tuned…

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