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Uncovered: Growl-like iTunes notification in your Dock

If you are like me and have a dozent windows open at any given time you look for ways
how to display information and notification without constantly switching the screens or
zapping through Applications. That why we all love Growl so much.

Someone at Apple Inc. decided to add a pretty sweet undocumented (hidden) growl-like
Notification function directly into Lion to display the current playing tune of iTunes direct
over the dock. Its pretty easy to enable/disable it.

To enable this sweet feature, open a Terminal session (located in Applications/Utilities),
and paste in the below command then press Return.

defaults write com.apple.dock itunes-notifications -bool YES
For the change to take effect, you have to restart the dock process. Just type the
following command into Terminal and press ENTER

killall dock

If you want to disable it again just replace the YES at the end of the command with NO
and rerun the above steps.

If you got your Dock set to hide, you will notice that the iTunes icon is added to the
notification. If you want the icon to show even when the Dock is not hidden execute
the following command:

defaults write com.apple.dock notification-always-show-image -bool YES
Same as above for the feature to take affect enter the following command:

killall dock
and in case you want to reverse it, just replace the YES with the NO and re-apply
above command.

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