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Parallels Inc. Disappointing Service Center Experience!

The other day I received an email from Parallels Inc. informing me about an upgrade deal to their new
Version of “Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac“. Yesterday I had a few minutes spare and decided to order it.
Being a Parallels Customer / Beta Tester for many years I was looking forward to the upgrade.

It was around 7:00am when I placed the order in the online shop and it went through the process swiftly
until I get to the final page informing me I can view the Invoice by clicking on the Button. Something was
missing though… I could not find the “Download” Button nor was the serial Number displayed in my digital







I went to check my emails but I was going to get disappointed as I had no new emails in my Inbox.
I remembered from past orders that I received the confirmation of my purchase just a few seconds
after I had completed the order, not this time.

I had to bring my attention back to work and decided to check it later again.

Around noon the same day I finally found some spare time and checked my emails only to find out
there was still no email confirmation about my Order. The same picture presented me when I checked
back my order in the Parallels on
line Store,neither the serial-code nor the download Button where visible.

It had been 7+ hrs since my order, so I decided to call the Parallels Support line to enquire about
the reason.
Quickly I found a phone Number on UK’s site and called it up. I had to push a few buttons
related to my issue before I was connected, I quickly realised that my call ended up somewhere in
an Call-Center based in India.

I was greeted by a polite female voice with a quite noticeable accent. After the initial greeting she notified
me to check some information about me first, but did not explain for what purpose. I was
she would ask me about the nature of my call or after my Order ID, well I was wrong!

The first question she asked me was “Whats your name?” and secondly “What is your email Address”?

Bare in mind they don’t require this information as you have both listed in your Order and that would
at this point be the only identifier. Next up she did finally ask me for my Order ID. So what are they
doing with the email address I gave them?

After telling her that I have completed the Order 7+hrs prior to my call and still neither received an email
confirmation nor seen the serial-code on my digital Invoice she asked me to put me on hold for a few

When she returned she told me that there is a problem with their Vendor Digital River who takes care of
the online purchases. She would send me right away a trial-code and the problem should be fixed within
the next 48 hrs.

I was not very happy with that answer, after searching the website for some time I did not find any
information pointing to any problem on their website, nor did I receive an email informing me about it
considering that my purchase was successfully made
So I did ask here if she could send me the
manually, at the end of the day the purchase was successful and I had paid for the product.

She informed me that she cannot do that but would send me an email with a trial-code. From past experience
with the parallels Support this was unexpected. It was the total opposite of what I remembered
from their Support.

I did not back down and requested to speak with a Manager, so she put me on hold again, just to tell me
a few minutes later the exact same sentence as the first time, assuring me I would receive a trial-code
and the issue would be fixed within the next 2 hrs. She even went as far as telling me she would
personally send me an email with the serial-code after that time. These where new information and I was
ok with waiting another 2 hrs so I ask here to send me a quick email with the information that the issue
will be fixed in the next 2 hours.

At this point she put me on hold again and after a few minutes waiting period on hold she greeted me
again to tell me that
she made a mistake and it would not be fixed within 2 hours. Instead it would take
up to 48 hours.

At that stage I was very confident that the Woman at the other end had no clue what the actual problem was
nor did she know when it was going to be fixed. She was polite but neither helpful nor truthful. The she was
just trying to get me off the phone so I decided to with here a nice day and hang up.

So after that rather disappointing experience to get Support from Parallels Inc. I went back to their website and
checked other telephone numbers. I picked one in Germany and gave it a shot. Not sure If I was surprised
when it was forwarded to a persons mobile phone and also went straight to their voice box. I tried a few more
times and finally gave up.

24 hrs later I finally received the email from Digital River with my purchase confirmation and after
checking back in their online-store I could finally see the serial-code and download Button.









Final Note

This was a pretty disappointing experience with the Parallels Support, I would suggest you do more
checks on your so called support-center as I would not believe this is the type of quality you want to offer
to your clients. Always remember the market is big and their is a choice of products equally as good out there.



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