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OS X Lion uses new Netatalk version 2.2 causing NAS drives to be incompatible

When I tried to access my NAS drive (Synology DS411 slim) I noticed I could no longer connect to it.
I received the following Error Message:

After a quick check I discovered that Synology released already a new DiskStation Manager 3.2 Beta
which would fix my problem according to their release notes:

New Features

there are several new features but what we need to get this running again is the following:

  • Mac OS X Lion Support:
    The Netatalk package has been upgraded to 2.2 to enhance the compatibility with Mac file
    service (
    AFP) in the latest Mac OS X Lion. Time Machine in Mac OS X Lion is tested and
    proven to be compatible.

So what did change?

This happened because OS X Lion now uses a new version of Netatalk. While many NAS-Vendors
Synology, QNAP or DROBO released an update to ensure compatibility with AFP-shares in
OS X Lion it looks like not all Products are supported yet when it comes to Time Machine Support.
That is because most NAS Systems don’t support yet the new Time Machine feature introduced
in Lion. (AFP DHX2 Authentication)

What should I do?

Make sure before you upgrade to Lion OS X that you check the website of your NAS-vendor for an
upgrade or information about when that might be available.


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  1. Actually, Lion requires some features that are enabled by default in Netatalk 2.2 since the afpd it ships conforms to the AFP 3.3 standard. The only thing actually missing for basic support in Lion is the dhx2 authentication method, which can be enabled in Netatalk 2.0 (and 2.1) by editing /etc/netatalk/afpd.conf (in most distros) to add uams_dhx2.so to the -uamlist for each virtual server that you use from Lion.