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News: Carbonite Backup not yet compatible with OS X Lion 10.7

After I updated to OS X Lion on my iMac I received an email from the online backup facility Carbonite.com.

Their Customer Support informed me that at this point in time my online backups might not work properly with
OS X Lion as it is currently not supported. It is  expected that carbonite will release an update in the near
future to support OS X Lion.

However in the meantime if you are using the online backup facility make sure you use an alternative
solution to backup important files until carbonite is working form OS X Lion.

If you are an existing Customer you will receive updates via emails or check the website for updates.

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  1. Get a refund, that’s what I did. At first I accepted their email about this but the more I thought about it the more pissed off I got. There is a thing call a developer preview, they must have know that their product wouldn’t work with Lion before the launch but waited until after the launch to tell anyone about it.

    I emailed them and demanded a refund. At first I got the usual, “you agreed to our terms and conditions, blah, blah”. But after pressing the issue I was able to get a full refund. I moved to Crashplan which I’m much happier with. On Carbonite my initial back up (100GB) took more than a month even though I have a 30Mb/30Mb fiber optic connection. Carbonite doesn’t give you the option to tell it how much bandwidth to use, Crashplan gives you that option. So, my initial backup of 170GB on their system is only taking about 6 days. On top of that it seems that Crashplan is not as big a memory hog as Carbonite is.

  2. Dolly Drive was built exclusively for Mac by mac users and takes your Time Machine back-ups to the cloud. Its seamlessly integrated to the OS and YES the LION OS too. So you can do untethered back-ups and restores wherever and whenever (where there is wifi) If you email dolly drive they will send you a promo code . They won Best of Show and Best new software at Macworld from Mac Life Mag. They are the real deal!

    • No, Carbonite does support Mac’s but the new release of Lion OS X 10.7 is not supported yet so
      Online backups and specially restores won’t work from the previous 10.6 Snow Leopard.

  3. Mark me down as “pissed.” Why didn’t Carbonite warn us before we installed 10.7 Lion. I want Carbonite to extend our backup period by at least 1-3 months ASAP.

  4. I upgraded to LION & needed a backup solution. I turned to Dolly Drive “dollydrive.com”

    I am Extremely happy with the service and support I recommend to anyone who wants to bring there Time Machine to the cloud :)

  5. I’ve had a several osx lion freezes where carbonate was consuming all of the cpu power.

    I have chose to disable carbonate until they produce a more stable release.